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Test Facilities

Kason has a comprehensively equipped Technology Centre where trials are conducted and fully documented. Together with our database of Test Reports spanning 35 years, this facility ensures that a realistic assessment can be made of the equipment’s suitability to meet particular needs.


Process equipment and packages can also be tailored to meet specific requirements e.g. under cryogenic / controlled temperature or pressure and vacuum conditions.

Contract Processing

Whether you have a one-off R&D project, or need to increase your own production capacity, we can assist you with your processing requirement.


We can replicate most production processes and have the flexibility to offer our full range of equipment to suit specific requirements i.e. temperature controlled and cryogenic milling, pressure and vacuum or jacketed mixers for heating and cooling. Product quality is strictly controlled as well as particle size analysis from our in-house lab facility.

After-Sales Site Support

We pride ourselves in achieving the right result for our customers. That requires a team of highly skilled process engineers capable of commissioning, optimising and maintaining your equipment once it is on site.


From simple process review through to service contracts, we’re here to help.

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