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Kason brings you their latest range of Centrifugal Solid-Liquid separators based upon over 40 years of experience in supplying these machines to many industries including, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.


The offer all the normal benefits associated with our standard range of Sifters including vibration free and high containment operation, coupled with state of the art cantilevered shaft design, for easy access, cleaning and inspection.


These machines offer a compact, yet high capacity solution to the problem of removing solids from all types of liquids including high viscosity ones which are difficult to handle on normal vibratory machines.



• De-watering of plastic & rubber granules

• Waste water and sludge pre-treatment to remove gross contamination

• Removal of un-dissolved product from latex rubber liquids etc.

• Separation of "curds & whey"

• Check sieving and homogenization of sauces, purees and emulsions


Kason Solid-Liquid Separator

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