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Over the years it has been the demands of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry that have been a major driving force behind the development of our range of state of the art processing technology, not least of all our size reduction mills. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly striving to meet the increased demands of today's rapidly changing healthcare environment and to adhere to ever more stringent legislation. Our close working knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry enables us to produce bespoke equipment for a particular process solution. Typical applications in the pharmaceutical industry include:



Breaking down of hygroscopic products that have agglomerated due to dampness or compaction.


Wet Granulation

‘Wet mass’ product from a high speed mixer is granulated at slow speed to maximise the efficiency of the onward drying process.


Dry Granulation

Using high impact milling action, product is granulated at high speed after the drying process prior to tabletting.


Tumble Blending

Prior to tabletting, our range of Double Cone and Y Cone blenders provide fast and efficient mixing.


Pharmaceutical Customers

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