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We understand that the food manufacturing industry is an intensely competitive sector and that productivity, flexibility, hygiene and value for money are top priorities. Our technical expertise and understanding of the food manufacturing industry means we are well placed to provide processing equipment that will meet specific requirements of food manufacturers. Typical applications in the food industry include:



Breaking down of hygroscopic products that have agglomerated due to dampness or compaction. e.g. de-agglomeration of sugar and milk powder and fruit de-lumping.


Biscuit & Confectionery Rework

Damaged products can be reclaimed and recycled back into the original production process as a small percentage of the total volume or to produce material which is the basis of a product in it’s own right. eg chocolate bar or biscuit grinding and de-packeting sweets for rework.


Sugar Milling

From standard icing sugar down to speciality fondant particle sizes, we have the mill to suit. Combined with a variety of layouts and explosion protection systems, they are class leading.


Ingredient Mixing

Molasses, cereal, fruit and syrup mixing, fat and flour ingredient mixes, milk powder and additive mixing.



Aromatic food products require special handling as volatile oils are often lost during conventional grinding at room temperature. Product is cooled to - 150°C and below using liquid Nitrogen to preserve its quality.

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