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Our Cantilever design, Centrifugal (rotary) powder sifters comply with Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Each rotary powder sifter in the range is certified as ATEX compliant to Zone 20 internally and Zone 21 externally.


Our Centrifugal Powder Sifter is arguably the best in the industry. It provides users with higher standards of hygiene and ease of operation and can be used on a variety of applications including classifying, policing and de-dusting.


The cantilever design is available in all but the largest machine in the range, allowing throughputs from a few kgs per hour to many tons per hour.



• Range of different screen options including; nylon, woven wire and wedge wire

• Efficient design of screen area to machine size



• No oversize end bearings or seals

• Hinged oversize end door

• Easy to remove sifting screen and screen retainer

• Hygienic design sifting screen

• No tools required for screen, paddle and screw removal

• Fully rotating screen for in-situ inspection



• High efficiency

• Easy to clean

• Dust tight

• No vibration

• Quiet operation

• Operator friendly - can be stripped down for cleaning without specialist maintenance



• Size Classification

• Scalping

• De-agglomeration

• Policing raw materials prior to processing

• De-dusting of re-ground products

• In-line powder sifting

• De-watering / liquid removal

• Reclaim of product from damaged or out of specification packages

• Dried fruit de-lumping

• Flour Sifter

Centrifugal Sifter - 3 Bearing EZ Clean MOB-SS Centri-Sifter with Belt Drive
Centrifugal Sifter - All Stainless Steel construction, including motor - 3-bearing Quick Screen Change feature with NO-TOOL hinged end cover
Centrifugal Sifter - GO-SS Feed Hopper - Support Stand with lockable casters - Centri-Sifter
Centrifugal Sifter - 3 YOB High-Capacity Centri-Sifters
Centrifugal Sifter - TWIN body High Capacity EZ clean YOB-SS Centri-Sifter
Centrifugal Sifter - Stainless Steel Twin YOB-SS with internal flow splitter - Centri-Sifter

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